Before signing up on this site, you must agree to the following rules.
  1. First and foremost, any form of bullying or harrassment towards anyone, whether they are a member of this site or not, is strictly forbidden! Any racist, discriminatory or threatening remarks will be taken very seriously and will be punished with a very hard, heavy ban hammer.
  2. Keep it clean! Any sexually explisit material you post on this site, or send to someone via private messaging, will result in your account getting banned. I am very uncomfortable with this kind of stuff and millions of others are as well. Keep your pornography to yourself; it has no place on this site!
  3. Swearing is allowed, so long as you watch how you swear. Swearing in rage is fine. We all need to let off steam sometimes. However, Using foul language towards someone directly, such as calling someone a bad word or saying bad words to purposefully offend people, is not allowed. You may be temporarily isolated to allow you time to cool off and reflect on your actions. However, if you carry on with your behaviour, you will indeed be banned.
  4. Any software you post on this site, either by uploading it as an attachment or providing a download link, must be accessible to people who use assistive technologies such as screen readers. If you post software that aren't accessible to these users, your post will be taken down. Nothing will happen to your account, your post will just be deleted.


Isolation, also known as lockdown, is a state in which your account is prevented from accessing certain parts of the site. You can still access your account, but certain communication features, such as posting topics and replying to existing ones, will be disallowed. This can be used in cases where the user has said something inappropriate or offensive towards someone, but it is not serious enough to warrant a straight-up ban. Sometimes we need some time to reflect on the things we've said or done and calm down. It can also be used in a review process, such as when a user believes their account has been hacked, their account may be isolated to prevent anything else happening on the account while content is being reviewed. If it turns out that the user hasn't been hacked, and and they themselves were violating the above rules on purpose, the appropriate punishment will be carried out on that account.